A 528-pound blue shark, an apparent record catch for the species, was hauled in Thursday by Joe Siedel (not in photo), mate David Cortes, left, and captain Art Cortes on the charter boat Halfback.

The shark was hooked above a wreck about 35 miles southeast of Montauk Point and the battle went on for 2 1/2 hours. At one point, the shark tore off about 200 yeards of 80-pound test line.

The international Game Fish Association will decide whether this catch eclipses a 454-pound blue shark caught in 1996 off Martha's Vineyard.

Art Cortes was about to release this catch when his son, David, suggested it might be a world record. "I didn't know sharks came the big."

Art Cortes said. In July, Cortes caught a 350-pound blue shark while drifting over the same wreck during a tournament.


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